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    Do you feel like you have no connection to God or Jesus? Feeling lost or hopeless? Just can't seem to get that feeling that other "believers" talk about. Or are tired of wearing all the masks? Even asking, "Why God?". Feeling like you have done something that God can't forgive? Or maybe just not getting the personal relationship with the Lord you desire? Don't let the feeling you might be experiencing right now lead you to believe you should give up. It is not by any accident that you are on this site right now. I know exactly how you feel. And I know thousands of other people that can relate to whatever you are going through right now! I am a believer of Jesus Christ that Celebrates Recovery from drugs, alcohol and violence. In this blog I hope to share how I found God and Jesus Christ. What differences that has made in my life. And introduce you to the "KEY" for me which was God's Grace. I found that while working a Christ Centered program that was developed by a team of ETREEMLY INSPIRED people who claim "Jesus Christ is their higher power". The program was developed using the Beatitudes of the Bible. This organization is Celebrating 25 years of growth. In over 29,000 churches across the world. And has been translated to at least 8 languages to date. It is also being used in hundreds of prisons across the nation. They deal with any kind of hurt, hang-up or habit someone is dealing with. It is called Celebrate Recovery. It's a safe place to learn how you get that personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And a place to overcome hurts, hang-ups and habits, while living in a sin filled world. Finding peace, REAL PEACE. The only kind of happiness the Lord can give.
  • A Great message = Mental Health Awareness.

    Originally posted on chopkins2x3: There are a lot of messages on social media promoting mental health and understanding – that is good! It is November and the Christmas season is fast approaching. Although it is a time of year touted as “family time” and a time of “peace on earth and goodwill”, for people…

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    I am involved in “The Mental Health Awareness Initiative” at Celebrate Recovery. If you have any questions, shoot me a message and I will get back to you ASAP.

  • Feeling lost, helpless or maybe even hopeless?


    There is hope! You are not defined by your past. God Loves you more than you know. Jesus Blood saved you. I know these things. Because I lived in an unimanagable hell, here on earth. If no body today tells you they love you, let me be the first. "I LOVE YOU" but most importantly, GOD & Jesus Christ love you in a way we will never understand until we stand before Them.

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