Centering Prayer: Come to the Quiet

Do you have a prayer closet?

If not, you should consider finding one.

Just a few years ago i had never heard of a prayer closet. Then I watched the movie (War Room, preview)

That movie touched me in such a strong way, I wanted a prayer closet so bad! With all the distractions in the world it is good to have a place to go where just you and God are. 

So I created one in our house. My office, an extra bedroom in our house. (but don’t think it has to be a huge room or anything like that. I can literally be a closet that you can go into, even your bathroom if that is all you have. It is just a place you make that will be quite, dedicated to taking your spiritual battles and victories to the Lord. 

What about a prayer pillow or mat?

I also wanted a Prayer Pillow after watching (Gabriel, found a free version for you to watch). It doesn’t have to be anything special, you could just buy and pillow or mat, dedicate it to God, as a place you knee on to meditate in prayer with him. What a great idea to start and end your day. 

Centering Prayer: Come to the Quiet

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