I Choose To Walk In Liberty, Victory in Mine!

Interesting just before I saw this posted this morning in my email I was thinking, Why am I up so early. Then as I started my Bible study for the day I was filled with joy and happiness. Remembering when I would make the excuses that I didn’t have time to read the scriptures everydat, let alone study them.

It was because back then I was just doing my checklist. Doing what my spiritual leaders told me I needed to do. There was no passion in it.

You see, I wasn’t working on my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That wasn’t on my radar, I just figured that if I read once in while and prayed once in a while, Jesus would have to bless me.

Wow, really, like Jesus owed me something? I so grateful now (maybe because I’m getting older) that I desired to be feed, so I can be closer to Jesus. When I even miss a day, I feel so tired and weak in the world.

So, this really hit home for me today.


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  1. Child Of God says:

    That is what I had lost for a while, the joy because I did my study as a “list”. I am reconnecting and instead of the laptop and listening to, I bought a new Bible and I am reading it now. I started to feel God’s Presence again. God IS good and now and then we need to be reminded that Worship is from the heart. I am talking for myself, not you <3

    1. Thank you. Sorry, it took so long to reply back to you. LOL. I didn’t know I had a comment. I guess I need to turn on my notifications somewhere, but not sure how to do that. 🙂

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