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l was just reading my other
blog and came across this post. It was a good one.

Why is it important to journal?

This post had many plans for last year. Some accomplished, some not. I have learned to journal because I can go back and see where I was and compare to where I am today. Have I moved closer too God?

I have too many social media accounts out there. When I was just learning the internet,. I would create a blog our website and either lose my password our forget the site. Another trial I am still working on. 🙂

So now once in a while, I will come across something I journaled in the past and reflect for a moment. Look at how that applies to my ultimate goal of improving my personal relationship with the Lord. And His will in my life, not mine.

It’s kind of funny how scatterbrained I get as I get older. I know none of you have that problem.

God bless you all and if no once has told you today, I love you. More importantly Jesus Christ loves you more than you can comprehend.

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