Celebrate Recovery Mental Health Initiative – Story of Depression

This is a story I read while doing some research for one of the responsibilities I have been asked to oversee at Celebrate Recovery at Lenexa Baptist Church’s Mental Health Initiative.

I don’t want that to sound like I am doing this just to help others or I have no background in mental health. Not by a long shot, I am helping myself more than anyone with depression, anxiety and self-worth issues. So, I qualify as someone who can relate.


Derek Powazek comes to terms with his lifelong companion, depression: “I cannot keep doing the things I always have done. I can’t let depression define me, I can’t fight it, I can’t pretend it away. I have choose to do something else.”

via Depression is a Loaded Gun — Discover

If you would like to participate in my research please fill out the form below. I will get back with you and we can chat about how we can work together. Thanks for reading my posts.

Monty Austin


3 comments on “Celebrate Recovery Mental Health Initiative – Story of Depression”
  1. Thanks for sharing this recommended movie! Having myself completed the Celebrate Recovery program I am learning to speak up and speak out. To be an advocate for others! I blog about my recovery daily. Would you humbly consider following me to help spread the news about Celebrate Recovery to so many who need it? Thanks in advance!

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    1. WOW, I am sorry for not getting back to you on this comment. I missed it somehow. I am following and continue my work as a leader in #CelebrateRecovery at #LenexaBaptistChurch in Lenexa, Ks. I have been blessed so much by thyouis ministry. I have been able to see the lives of so many people as i serve. And the by product (as I am sure you know) is I am growing weekly in my personal relationship with the Lord. #God #Bless you as you continue to serve in this ministry.


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    Dealing with depression? Read this post.


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